Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tea Party

This is my first tea party ever. On Friday, we all got dressed up and had a tea party. The house was gorgeous and so picturesque. I borrowed some hats and tablecloths from my great grandma (Who is turning 96 Sunday). She saves everything, which is okay only because she's so old that the things she saves actually are old enough to be amazing antiques. And I go for vintage things. I'm going to wear her wedding dress (which she made herself!) one day, assuming I ever find a guy stupid enough to marry me.
ANYWAY! The tea party was fantastic, even though the herbal tea never came. We made do with lemonade, cider, and all the delicious food. Cookies that said "Eat me," cucumber sandwiches, cupcakes, fruit, and all sorts of dainty delicacies.Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" was whimsical and thrilling. If nothing else, it was fun to watch because there was so much color and shape. He really created another world; leaving the theater was so disappointing. This world is super boring. My life is super boring. Everyone's life is. I call this the Avatar effect. It is one of those movies that is so crazy and it takes you out of reality so much that when you go back to real life you have an adjustment period.

In the end, I loved the movie, and I loved dressing up. I don't know who I went as... I just dressed for a tea party. Enjoy!


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alexis joy: said...

Kaydie's outfit is darling!
I'm jealous! This looks so fun!
Ryan, Jake, probably Brooke, and I are going to see Alice in 3-d in Provo sometime soon!