Friday, March 26, 2010

The Social Sciences are Stalking Me

What is it with me and the social sciences?

I’m studying linguistics, which is pretty much the analytical side of language. I do grammar and syntax and academic/technical writing.

I never intended to study social sciences. Ever. And I’ve had plans to go into everything at some point in time.

Yet somehow I was Social Sciences Sterling Scholar for my high school, which I thought meant history. Now I’m really realizing that’s only half the discipline.

In college I took a Social Sciences LEAP class (pretty much freshman transition) only because it fit into my schedule and I LOVE the books we read. They’re controversial—like Steven J. Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man – a book which appears everywhere in anything remotely related to the social sciences.

Now this semester I’m taking an anthropology class. And we’re talking about race, evolution, genes, natural selection, intelligence… and that’s what I learned about in LEAP as well.

I like this sort of stuff, but I never wanted to pursue it. Instead it’s pursuing me! Now I’m writing a series of poems about it all because it’s very poetigenic*.

And in my nerdness, I’m spending my entire spring break writing a long paper about human evolution.


*Attractive as a subject for poetry.

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