Monday, March 15, 2010

The Flight

The last Monday before Spring Break.

Productivity level: 0

I have a few papers on the horizon, but my will to do them has shriveled up and died. I'm also speaking in church next Sunday. So now I'm writing a talk which is kind of like a paper, but for God.

My phone charger is MIA. That means my phone is in an induced coma at the moment. There is only enough juice for an emergency-- maybe. I like the freedom, sort of, except I have to do my visiting teaching and getting that set up without a phone is rather difficult. I am a master at alternate forms of communication (AKA the world wide web), but still. That feels very unprofessional.

I said my productivity level was zero, but that isn't quite true. I've been writing some really great poetry. It is different than what I've written before, and I don't know where it comes from. Then again, I don't know where poetry ever comes from. You want to read some of it? Okay. Here's an excerpt.

The Flight

After a thousand tired stabs

We finally sliced into the heaving ochre sky

Into the breast of the unknown

Our breath abandoned on the soil

We gave the clouds their first sliver

From the trees of the earth

And, later, the ore of the earth

Which became the blood of the sky

Understand that it's only an excerpt because the rest of the poem isn't written yet. Thank you for putting up with this extremely random post.

With adoration,



noelle said...

Quite a lovely poem! Just think, one day AP Lit kids will be analyzing your work, crazy!

I hope God gives you an A.

Recorder said...

Megan, that's beautiful; I agree with Noelle. You're so amazing.