Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions

We have begun our journey on the final year of the decade. (By they way, I hold that the new decade starts in 2011, not 2010.) Anyway, everyone seems excited, and they should be! Now we get to write a new date our checks and on the top of our journal entries.

But then again, don’t we write a new date every day? No day is ever the same. Even though we are in a new year, not much has changed. Over time, yes, things will happen and our culture will transform. It just isn’t an overnight change. The economy isn’t suddenly better, we have the same president, and we’re still doing exactly what we were doing three days ago.

That’s why resolutions seem pointless to me. I’m all for reform and changing for the better, but since when have New Year resolves worked? By mid-February, all zeal for change has faded.
When I want to make myself better, I’m just start working on it right away. Resolves can be born any time of the year, because every day is a new day. Every day is a new date.

Perhaps one reason the New Year’s doesn’t faze me is because it is not the time when major changes in my life happen. Every September is like January 1st for me. That’s when I go back to school and my life does drastically change. Especially this last year—I moved down to Salt Lake to go to college. That was a true new chapter in my life.

Just some thoughts.

Happy New Year and good luck keeping whatever resolves you have. I hope you had an amazing holiday season!


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