Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Semester 2, sans Choir

Two days of my second semester of college: complete. They were pretty painless and easy going, I’m really grateful.

But something is missing—and it’s a big deal. I’m not in choir.

This is not my choice; in fact, I would do anything to have it. Well, I guess not anything. My major just conflicts with music. Music isn’t my top priority, but it’s up there. It keeps me alive.
My Linguistics 3510 class conflicts with not only Women’s Chorus, but with A Capella as well, which is the choir a level higher, but still something I could handle. I can’t do either one. I can’t do Institute Singers either, because they meet at the same time.

I can’t even be in my Ward Choir, because that meets the same time as mission preparation, and as part of my calling I have to go.

Ever since about 5th grade, I’ve been in some type of choir. There was a break in 7th grade, but I was taking voice lessons at that point so I was still singing.

I love writing, but the process of it is quite solitary. It is the path I have chosen, but there is no choir of writers to shelter me or welcome me into their loving arms. There is no bond, no family of people united in a common love. There is no one to make me lift me and assure me I am needed. Writers don’t do that. We wander alone with our notepads, trying to make life an understandable fantasy. We explain things, we make up stories, and we imagine things and record them. It is a beautiful art because it is one of communication. But we are not together. We need one another only so one can read another’s work.

I will miss choir, but I intend to do it again. I’ll be surviving without singing, or playing piano.

Side note: I promise I’ll stop complaining, but this is weird. I have two classes that seem almost identical in my head and it makes me confused! Linguistics 3510 and Writing 2010. We even use the same textbook! This makes me even more enraged because I don’t need the linguistics class if my writing class is teaching me the same things…
Anyway, I love school and I love college. I was really meant to be here, and I realize that even more now that I’m here.

With love,


PS- Like the new backdrop of the blog? I hope so!

PPS- I watched "Doubt" recently. Amazing show, the intensity and power makes me shiver with delight. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


Brad said...

I totally know where you're coming from Megan....Holy cow. :( I'm not in choir either and it feels so wierd....Like part of me is missing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Megan. I will admit, writing is a very solitary art, but I have an idea that might make it more social: a lot of writers will start groups, and not just as a group to read one another's work. My own personal group is mostly online, but when we talk about our writing, we really just talk about writing techniques, ways to handle the Block, and sometimes, although rarely, we share our writing samples.