Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Words I am Currently Loving

adventure-it's fun to have one

burst-so fun to say, as long as you don't make it awkward


compact-if you've read "Matched" by Alli Condie then you understand

fabulous-comes from "fable." So something that's so crazy/wonderful/awesome that it could only come from a fable? It's fabulous!

fancy-such a tacky, adorable word

fastpass-Disneyland made a great invention

feisty-note how it breaks the i-before-e "rule." Such a rebel.

hope-it's a beautiful thing

keratin-because I write about hair all day, I've grown fond of this word

lemonade-it's delicious, people!

lilliputian-means "small." Comes from Gulliver's Travels. You know the little people who bind him up? They were from the island of Lilliput. Cool, huh?

lista/o-OK, so this isn't English. It means "ready," but seems to embody the meaning better than "ready."

mallow-when you say this word, you kind of make the same motions with your mouth as you do when you eat a marshmallow. You just mouthed "mallow" didn't you...

olive-this is one of my favorite colors right now, and it's one of my favorite foods
passion-because that's what makes the world go 'round

struck-again, it sounds like what it means, so it rocks.

ubiquitous-means "everywhere" but isn't everywhere

vibrant-because vibrant colors are the best colors sometimes

vicious-because it sounds like what it means

violet-another color word, that is also a lovely object (see "olive")

On an unrelated note, Sam and I played Jenga the other night. We are super competitive at this game. I still can't believe I lost. But whatever.



Sam Thornton said...

I love this post! It was so fun to read through those words. I loved feisty and ubiquitous. Also, I was happy you lost jenga.

alexis joy: said...

Great picture.

Love you!