Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Awkward Sneezes

So, I wrote a book. It is not a novel, it's a collection of my weird creative writing.

I took a creative writing class this semester, and I'm so glad that I did. Creative writing can be as exhausting as it is fun. I'd been wanting to take one for some time, but I just never had room in my schedule. Finally, my last semester, I did.

Part of the creative writing class is making a portfolio or a chapbook. It's a collection of the stuff I wrote for this class and a few other things I decided deserved a few pages.

I printed it using the Marriott Library's Espresso Book Machine, right here on campus. It is extraordinary. You give them your PDF files and in about an hour, you have a book right in your hands, and I can print as many as I want. It was a great senior gift to myself.



Alex said...

That's so awesome, Meg! I want to try that now. : ]

Jenna from Unencumbered Words said...

That is awesome! Judging by its cover, it looks quite interesting.

Also. After being a creep and stalking your blog a bit, I have decided I must follow it. I love your humor :) Follow back if you'd like!

-Jenna, www.unencumberedwords.com