Monday, May 14, 2012

Books I'm reading

Do you know what's funny? As long as Sam has known me, I have liked baking. As you know, I used to hate it. I still dislike cooking, but baking is fun mostly because I a chocolate addiction and baking is a great way to enable that.

I moved back home, and I'm hoping I'll have more time to bake. I have two months left before I get married, and it's nice to spend it with my family.

I've also been enjoying reading. I'm reading about five books right now. I am famous for reading several books at once. It's simply best way. They are:

Righting the Mother Tongue by David Wolman. It's about English spelling, and why it's so crazy. I'll give you hint, there are a billion and a half reasons English words are hard to spell.

To Marry an English Lord: Tales of Wealth and Marriage, Sex and Snobbery by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace. (I'm really curious about what the McD. abbreviation means, but whatever.) So I love Downton Abbey, right? Well this book touts that it is the inspiration for that wonderful television show. That's why I checked it out from the library. It's completely nonfiction. It's like reading a really long essay about the Victorian and Edwardian societies. I like nonfiction, but it's fun to read.

Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman. I found this at a library book sale. It's a bunch of essays about reading, words and books. It is beautifully written but it makes me feel kind of dumb. The author is not a common reader. She's super smart and makes me feel really dumb. She also makes me want to read a lot more.

The Undaunted: The Miracle of the Hole-in-the-Rock Pioneers by Gerald N. Lund. Yes, this is the same guy who wrote The Work and the Glory. It's a huge book -- 802 pages to be exact. It can be super cheesy, but I like reading it. I really do. His writing style isn't my favorite, but the plot is interesting.

One book I finished recently is Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?: And Other Concerns by Mind Kaling. She's the gal from The Office. It's super funny. I've never read a book that made me laugh so hard, and out loud, too mind you. Sam and I were reading together and I had to keep interrupting him to read him passages. It's just so hilarious.



Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

Oh good! It was nice to hear your review of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. We were supposed to read it for book club this month but a couple of the ladies had read it early and had negative they changed the book for May to The Giver. Which was great for me, cause I'd never read The Giver and it was fabulous! But I wondered if I still wanted to give the other book a try anyhow. I think I will!

Meg said...

I can see how people would perhaps be offended at Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, but I didn't think it was that bad! Usually I'm pretty sensitive about those things. Anyway, The Giver is a super good book too, and one of my favorites!