Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Story

I always thought I would cry, when the time came.

But instead I just laughed--a giddy, unbridled happy laugh. I think I said, "oh my gosh" and I might have said, "I think I'm the happiest person in the world right now."

I don't really remember.

I should have seen it coming, really. But you see, Sam's always romantic and thoughtful. It's not unusual at all for him to show up with flowers and to remember that six months ago we met for the first time. We usually go on fun, well planned-out dates. He's always so sweet. And he didn't seem nervous at all!

We snowshoed up to Donut Falls. It's a significant place in our courtship, so it was a fitting place to end it and begin our engagement.

He asked me to marry him! We were taking pictures like we always do--I go stand in the frame while he sets up his camera on the tripod.

One moment I was squinting into the snow, the next I look up and there he is, the love of my life down on one knee. And he's holding a ring in a little gray box.

It's perfect. I've never worn a ring in my whole life. (OK, maybe I wore a CTR ring for a few days when I was 8.) I'm just not a jewelry person. But this is so different. It signifies so much, and it's so beautiful, and it's exactly my style.

Sam and I have been calling and texting and visiting so much this weekend. We have to let everyone know our exciting news. Getting back to life and focusing on essential things will be difficult, but somehow between now and July 12, we're going to be planning our new life together.

I'm going to New Orleans for the ACES conference in April, graduate in May, and get a job... all while planning a wedding.

I am so blessed! Sam is so wonderful. He is the perfect man for me. I'm so happy and in love, I think I'm going to explode. It's been hard not to blog as much, mostly because before now, I couldn't share all these exciting plans with the world. But now, I will have so much to write about. This is the start of a beautiful journey.

I have such a wonderful family, and my new Thornton family is so kind and loving. Our friends have been fantastic and supportive. There is so much love going on!

Oh, and lest I forget! Happy Grammar Day!



KBeus said...

Whaaaaat?!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!! I'm super, super, SUPER happy for you! Congrats Megan!!!
Love you!

Kayla @ Freckles in April said...

Your ring is gorgeous!! Congratulations!