Friday, October 29, 2010

Why yes, I do sleep with a sleep mask

Meet Nellie.
She's my sleep mask.
Her buddy Reginald is at my home in Syracuse, so I don't have a picture of him. But he's dark blue. I have 2 because if I forget my sleep mask, I have such a hard time sleeping.

This is lame. I know.

It all started last year when I was a wee freshman, and my dorm window was right smack in front of a street light that had the brilliance of a thousand search lights. Super annoying.

I tried pulling the covers over my head. But then I felt like I was suffocating.

So I gave in and bought my really nerdy sleep mask.

At first it felt really awkward, and I felt vulnerable, like someone was going to attack me because I was blindfolded. And if my roommate wanted to talk to me, it was just weird. I mean, it's easy enough to lift it up, but then you just look like a dweeb.

Soon enough, the calm darkness that the mask brought was so inciting it was dangerous. I overslept for many a day! And instant nap, any time of day.

And even when I went home, or when I moved to my current residence, I still needed it. It relaxes me; if I don't wear it I have a hard time relaxing my brow muscles. So much tenseness and stress!

Now I sleep in basement, which is practically a cave because there is no way to tell the time of day down here. It is so dark and cool. All the time. But it doesn't eliminate my need for Nellie.

My mom thinks I need to abandon it, because it's pointless and dirty (sometimes my makeup gets on it, gross, I know). She said that about blankie and binkie and silkie* too. Just sayin'.

Nellie gets to stay. I need her.


*Silkie: n. A small square of silk cloth that I carried around with me for comfort when I was a young child.

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