Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to Hoth, sports fans!

The Chronicle is a lively place to work, to say the least.
Thursdays are especially chipper because we put out the Ute Report Friday.
The Ute report is a weekend sports guide, but the arts are trying to weasel their way in there. They have good intentions, but you know how it goes. Football always wins. Always.
Anyway, the Sports Desk (we call them sports fans), usually creates the idea for the creative artsy cover. They try their best, bless their hearts, but sometimes they just ... well... you'll see. Their explanation sounded something like this:

Sarah, our most heroic Editor in Chief: "So do you guys have a idea for the Ute Report cover?"
Sport fan leader: "Ya we do!" (This is actually amazing because usually they don't.) "So remember the Star Wars themed one? We want to stick with it. So remember in Star Wars where Luke is on that really cold planet, and he gets stuck out in the snow, and he has to kill that animal he rides and get inside it to stay warm? Well that animal kind of looks like a ram, and since we're playing Colorado State on Saturday, we were thinking that we could photoshop a picture of one of the players crawling inside a ram-like creature."
Sarah: "You can't be serious."

I don't think they actually were serious, but I sincerely hope not.

This sleeping back only slightly disturbs me. Found it while looking for Star Wars pictures.


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