Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trust in the Invisable

I loving learning by antecdotes. That's why I love blogs so much. Stories are one of my favorite parts of church. Stories are what make the scriptures come alive for me.

I love sharing my own stories. I'm my favorite person to write about. And while I get pretty personal, there are many things that I don't tell the whole world. There are myriad reasons that I don't share, and I can't even tell you those reasons.

You're just going to have to trust that there are good reasons. Some of these invisable, untold stories are the most moving and important stories of my life, but they must remain untold.

Thinking about my own invisable stories can be frustrating, but it has also helped me have more compassion for others. Everyone has untold stories. We have to be OK with not knowing everything about everyone and still being kind to them even though we don't understand their whole story. My mom always said that the people who are hardest to love need it the most.

I've also realized that other people don't think about invisable stories. So they're judgemental and rude. And that's OK. They just haven't learned that lesson in life yet. They will get there.

This weekend has been so wonderful. LDS General Conference concluded today and it warmed my soul and strengthened my spirit. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. I want to start writing more on this blog. Because I have plenty of very visable stories.


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