Friday, February 3, 2012

Food. That stuff you eat.

I'm famous for my rules. No kissing on the first date, always wear tights or nylons with skirts... etc. But being a college student has severely altered my stance on food.

I used to have clear, defined lines of what food belonged at what time of the day. Breakfast food, and especially cereal, belonged only in the a.m.; mac and cheese for lunch; and steak and potatoes for dinner.

Now, I'm known to eat eggs at any time of day. Mostly because I rarely eat meat anymore, so I have to get my protein somehow. And it just so happens that other breakfast foods happen to be cheap and easy to fix. That's why I'm eating a bagel at one o'clock in the morning.

I also used to have this grudge against leftovers. I mean, I'd eat them, but I didn't enjoy it, and when my mom pulled out the week's leftovers for left over night, I rolled my eyes snobbishly wished that she'd made an original meal.

Now, I cherish every scrap of food I have. Nothing goes to waste. I must eat everything and if I cannot, I must save it for later.

And free food? I can smell it from a mile away. Thank you, Institute, and other benevolent third parties who impart of your good graces and share food with us college students!

I also find myself eating the same thing for lunch, and dinner, and the next day's dinner... until the meal that was supposed to feed 10 people is now gone. Consumed by one.

I tried out this recipe and loved it will all my stomach and heart. So did Sam. You should try it. (I used vegetable stock, but do what you will.)

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kimmybeus said...

Megan, oh how I love you!!! I agree completely about your take on food :)