Monday, March 31, 2008

So I'm not Stupid?

I recently was given one of the most encouraging compliments of my life. She was a complete third party and had only known me for a half and hour before when she said, "You're good at math. You're a perfectionist; you want to know everything."

I was shocked. In math class every day I was feeling more and more like a dumb girl close to drop out. But I actually believed my tutor when she said I wasn't stupid like I felt.

So I studied for my upcoming math test with furiously known only to jungle beasts and consulted my teacher and others to aide me in understanding the nebulous concepts of trig identities. I accepted that the chances of me succeeding were slim, but I wanted to know that I had at least done my part to do as best as I can.

Today, when I received my score of 45%, I was actually started to laugh. The class average was 50% and the high score was 85%. These statics are a sign of poor teaching in my humble opinion, but according the the teacher (who is always right), the class was just lazy and stupid. Just like the children of Israel, we were given further punishment. Now we have to make bricks without straw, as it were. The promised 'grading on the curve' practice that would save our souls was now taken from us.

We're an honors class and apparantly that warrents us the following stipulations:
No cacluators (and we weren't informed of this until the day before)
Multiple Choice
No Curve
Homework way easier than the test

The only thing for which we should be grateful (?) is the use of a sheet listing the trig identities and a retake. If we weren't taught the first time, what is going to change?

Am I crazy to be greatful for my failing score? Actually, compared the the class, I did alright. I don't feel stupid, but rather, intelligent. I'm tired of being told that I'm not smart and that I don't deserve to be in an honors class. Math isn't easy, but our teacher makes it harder. I speak for my entire outraged class. It is unfair and we're being stripped of all hope of succeeding.

I believe she's trying to fail us.


Phases said...

To be honest, I agree with you; your teacher sounds like my English teacher up here. She was gone for a week, assigned us three timed writes (without practicing our terms or anything), three major tests that all together added up to half of our grade and then got mad at us for failing all of them.
We got her back, though. The entire class, every last one of us, told her exactly what we thought, and that not even a COLLEGE PROFESSOR would expect that much out of us. Maybe you should do the same.

skittlesboy said...

Ask me for help!! I seriously will help you... why don't you believe me and why haven't you taken advantage of this resource?